Dan Buffa

Now that the slightly eventful second inning has ended with a Mark Reynolds groundout as the rain started to pour down on Busch Stadium’s redbird faithful, I come to you with the third inning action. The United Cardinal Bloggers host a progressive game blog once a year and here is where you can find more [...]

With Matt Adams hitting the disabled list this afternoon, it’s about time right fielder hopeful of the future Jason Heyward breaks out that boom stick he has been hiding for the first two months of the season. Through 43 games and 159 at bats, Heyward’s slash line of (.233/.285/.365) is just ugly and must improve. [...]

It’s not the most comforting way to look at a loss, but besides the bat silencing from Mets starter Jacob deGrom or the latest bullpen collapse, the return of Jaime Garcia was a huge positive takeaway from today’s game. Garcia pitched so well that his own teammates were stunned into utter silence at the plate. [...]

Visiting Gibby in 1968

The January project for the United Cardinal Bloggers asked the group to pick one game they would hop in a time machine to go watch. That could be a game that you attended as a kid or a game you weren’t alive to see. I’ve been asked this question before and the answer hasn’t changed [...]

It sounds like a great story. Max Scherzer comes home at the age of 30 to finish his career under the Arch pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals, the team he grew up watching. The headline sweats and bleeds through the keyboard as I continue. The dreamy thought of Max coming home belongs inside a [...]

Before John Mozeliak dips his beak into the starting pitching market, he had to close doors and lock up one of his current soldiers. Righthander Lance Lynn and the Cardinals reached a three year extension agreement worth 22 million. When it comes to timing and a need to lock up the one 100 percent arm [...]

Working Next to Burwell

When I arrived at The Winter Warmup last January, I was a little anxious. Nervous wouldn’t begin to describe covering your first media event, especially something as big as the Warmup, which provides fans with a first look at their team in the New Year. I was a commentary/editorial writer, and for this particular assignment, [...]

Good afternoon ladies and gents, Today, I present a special dose from the Cardinals Nerve Center. A collection of writers that I respect and look to for an opinion when hot takes start getting tossed around like free cups of coffee(speaking of which, enjoying a warm cup of java as I type). The past month, [...]

The Top Stories of 2014

As the year comes to an end and the new hunt begins on Thursday, it’s time to look back at the five stories from the 2014 St. Louis Cardinals season that still sift around the cerebellum two months later. The Arrival and Departure of Oscar Taveras The gleaming smile is the first thing I remember [...]

2015 Wish List

Greetings, Christmas Day is past the halfway mark and as the presents have opened and the egg nog is flowing through the system, it’s time to unleash a few wishes for the upcoming 2015 season. Every baseball fan hopes for the best and trains for the worst, but with the holiday spirit in the air, [...]

As the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club plays in the background, allow to me rummage through my scattered baseball thoughts as Christmas stands just three days away. With spring training less than two months way, the smell of a new baseball season is coming closer and closer to the nostrils. Confessional time/opening. Look, there is nothing [...]

By signing with the Chicago Cubs, Jason Motte gets the best of both worlds. He gets to compete for a potential winning franchise and stay very close to his favorite city of St. Louis at the same time. Be happy for the guy. Upon hearing the news this afternoon, Cardinal fans were either hurt or [...]

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