Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament: Second Round, Branch Rickey Regional, 3-6 Matchup

Another week in the books for the GCM tourney!  It’s been fun reliving all these moments and seeing them pop up, completely unrelated, in other places around the net.  All of these are moments that mean something to us as fans.  So let’s see where we stand heading into week 3 of the second round.

We went to overtime in our last matchup, but I have a hunch that won’t happen this time around.  Let’s get right to it!

#3 Mark McGwire hits #62 (1998)


#6 Matt Carpenter battles Clayton Kershaw in NLCS (2013)

The road here: McGwire blasted past Allen Craig’s obstruction, Carpenter protected home turf against Glenn Brummer’s steal.

The clips:

The matchup: You know I’m always going to be biased by that magical run in the summer of 1998, but I do think that it has more historical import and a more “where were you when” feel to it than an admittedly amazing and memorable AB against probably the best pitcher of our age.  That said, I can well imagine some of you disagree with me.  That’s fine, as long as you vote!

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