Can’t Help Who You Love

In life, people say that you can’t help who you love. Often, it’s a parent or concerned friend who is telling you this because you love someone who may not be in everyone’s good graces. The person you love may not be everybody’s favorite. Your love might frustrate, confuse, irritate, annoy or depress your family and friends. Sometimes people in your life won’t understand your love.

I’m here to tell you that even if not genuinely accepted by all, it’s all okay. You can’t help who you love and that’s alright.

The same is true for baseball.

I write this as we head into another Adam Wainwright start.

Adam is my favorite player of all time. I know this, you know this, everyone who knows me knows this. I don’t hide it. I’m not ashamed. I’ve definitely shouted it from “rooftops.” I quote that because I would never be on a rooftop. Not ever. But I’ve shouted nonetheless.

My second favorite player, although not near all time favorite yet, is Randal Grichuk.

I’ve written at length about both of my favorites. If you like them too, “Love Letter of Sorts” is about Adam and “Force To Be Reckoned With” is about Grich.

I’m not here to write anymore about them. I am here to write about how it is okay to choose whoever you want to be your favorite player. Your fandom of anyone is fine. You don’t need me to tell you that though.

I wanted to say this because fans of Kolten Wong have been through the wringer this season and I assume some of last although I wasn’t around much back then. I know how it feels because of both Adam and Grich. Being on social media is less than ideal when your favorite player has a lackluster night on the mound, out in the field, at the plate or all of it combined.

All I’m saying is love who you love. Your favorites are your favorites and sometimes things won’t go their way. I’m emotionally invested in baseball, so my emotions are always present, every game. And sure, they’re present all the other times of the day too. I’m slowly learning to shrug off the negative and not feel the need to get entangled into lengthy arguments. Different opinions are part of life. Social media isn’t a place to go if you want to live in a sheltered, protected existence.

Even through their worst moments, love who you love anyways. No judgements here. No apologies necessary for loving who you love or defending them.

You can’t help who you love.

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