A Tale Of Two Pitchers.

Will the real Carlos Martinez please stand up?

Before I get into the post, I realize I may be overreacting a little, but with the Reyes injury and everyone else’s struggles last year, it should be understandable that Carlos, our ace, will be watched closely. Same with pitcher number two.

In his last start, Carlos went 5 innings, gave up 5 runs. plunked two batters and threw a wild pitch. Not exactly an ace like performance. Plus this was against the Reds, who are, no offense, a weaker offensive team than the Cubs, who Carlos owned last week.

I wasn’t lucky enough to catch this one on TV like I did the Cubs game, so I can’t say whether he looked any different in this start as opposed to his first one.

Another thing to note: Carlos only gave up one walk, so even with the wild pitch and the 2 hit batsmen, it’s not like his control was terrible.

The thing I wonder though is this: Opening day was exciting. Everybody was amped up, including Carlos. He’s a big game pitcher, we know this. Was the energy worn off in the second start as he settles into the long 162 game season?

It was probably just one bad start. That’s what his track record over the past two years implies, but you never know.

as for our second pitcher…

Adam Wainwright also pitched well in his first start, and struggled in his second start, particularly against a fellow named Bryce Harper.

Harper went 2 for 2 with a walk versus Waino. The walk interests me the most as it was a 3-2 count.

I know Harper is a beast and is coming off of a down year (for him. Many other batters would happily take his 2016) and looking to prove that 2015 wasn’t a fluke.

Still, was this a walk of respect to a talented guy off to a hot start? Or was this a sign that Waino doesn’t trust his stuff?

I know Waino is older and isn’t the same guy he used to be, but if he wants to come close to who he used to be, then confidence is key. Facing the best batters and giving them your best, not walking them.

I love Waino and I want to see him confident out there.

As I said with Carlos, this was probably just one bad start, though given Waino’s year last year, I’m a little more pessimistic with him.

Hopefully, These are in fact two isolated bad starts in a year full of many very good starts by both guys.

As always thanks for reading.

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