The 2017 Cardinal Approval Ratings

You might have figured out by now, if you’ve been around for any length of time, that I’m a person that likes his routine.  Not only in my personal life, but most definitely when it comes to filling this site with content.  Every off-season we do the Exit Interviews.  Later this month, we’ll start Playing Pepper.  On a smaller scale, there’s the daily ritual of naming Heroes and Goats.

Nine years ago, I asked you, the members of Cardinal Nation, to rate certain players and other Cardinal-related folks and ideas on a 0-100 scale.  Every year, we modify the list a bit, but the interesting thing, for me at least, is to see how things change over time, if they do.

For instance, Yadier Molina has been on every one of these ratings.  Now, the sample size varies every year, of course, and it’s never huge, but it’s fun to track what folks think of the catcher.

Year Approval
2009 93.4%
2010 92.0%
2011 83.7%
2012 87.4%
2013 96.2%
2014 96.3%
2015 89.9%
2016 80.7%

I’m not sure you can track too much, but obviously when Yadi was hitting like crazy and playing his amazing defense, everyone loved him.  The last couple of years, when injuries happened, it took a bit of a hit to his overall rating.  I look forward to seeing what happens this year, with that strong second half mixed with these ideas that he wants a contract extension.

John Mozeliak is another one we’ve had almost every time around.  His ratings are probably more tied to events than the players are.

Year Approval
2010 86.1%
2011 74.1%
2012 85.4%
2013 86.5%
2014 94.6%
2015 86.3%
2016 77.8%

Unsurprisingly, after finishing second so obviously in the 2015-2016 offseason, Mo’s numbers took a hit.  Will the signing of Dexter Fowler get them to bounce back or will the fact that they missed the playoffs last year counterbalance that?

You tell me.  Seriously, you tell me.

Below is the form for this year’s ratings or you can go directly to it via this link.  You’ll see the first page just asks for an identifying handle, then there is a page for players, a page for media, and a hodge-podge page.  The final page gives you a chance to make any comments about any of the ratings you gave (plus there’s a required question to make sure you saw it all).  As always, these ratings are up to you.  I would suggest that 70 would be a baseline number and you should adjust up or down from there, but that’s only a suggestion.  However you want to go about it, I’m fine with.  Please share this around as well–the more response, the better the sample.

Any questions, comment here or Tweet @C70.  I’ll probably remind about this regularly through February, but we’ll wrap it up about the 24th.  Thanks for your help!

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