New Year’s Resolutions for Certain Cardinals

2017 has rolled in and is starting to get its bearings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk a little more about New Year’s Resolutions.  While the team in general probably has things like “hit better with runners on base”, “actually catch the ball when it is hit to you”, and “not blow a late inning lead” on its list, I thought it might be fun to see what some of the other Cardinals might have going for their individual goals.

Kolten Wong: To find out which kind of coffee Matheny likes the best and deliver a hot cup of it every day, hoping to get on his good side.

Dexter Fowler: To not wear his World Series ring in the clubhouse more than once a month.

Adam Wainwright: To resist calling into radio shows when he’s drafted in the bottom half of a mock draft.

Matt Carpenter: To listen to “Three Is The Magic Number” every day until he’s comfortable in the third spot.

Seung-hwan Oh: To figure out how to tell Eugene he’d like a little more space, really.

Stephen Piscotty: To practice smiling 15 times a day until the muscles do it naturally.

Jedd Gyorko: To stop listening to “All By Myself” and come to terms with the fact Brandon Moss is gone.

Matt Adams: To find some really good seat cushions to make sure he doesn’t get splinters in his backside.

Mike Matheny: To determine which reliever gets to replace Seth Maness as the go-to every-day no-matter-what guy.

John Mozeliak: To continue to remind himself that the idea of charging for soda in the clubhouse is a bad sign, not a money making opportunity.

Got others?  Leave them in the comments or Tweet them to me @C70.

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