Top Cards on Twitter 2016: 16-20

Here we are, fourth in the series (here’s yesterday’s if you missed it) and the numbers are getting smaller.  I’ve given all the caveats many times before in this series, so let’s skip them this time around and get right to it, shall we?

Number 20: JohnMoGM
No, I’m not the real one.

On Twitter since: July 2014
Number of Tweets: 16.3K
Following: 674
Followers: 2,109

Number of ballots: 25
First place votes: 0
Highest rank: 3rd
Total points: 295
2015 rank: 19

Probably unsurprising given an account titled after St. Louis’s GM, but this is almost purely a Cardinal account.  There’s plenty of discussion there and JohnMo will back up his opinions, even if he’s not quite as strident about things as some others on Twitter.

Number 19: hochman
Sports columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Co-host of Best Podcast In Baseball. Co-host of (12-2 on 590 AM). Once saw Lee Smith at the Galleria

On Twitter since: October 2008
Number of Tweets:
Following: 9,037
Followers: 35.4K

Number of ballots: 29
First place votes: 0
Highest rank: 3rd
Total points: 351
2015 rank: 11

Interesting to see Benjamin Hochman drop down in the rankings.  Again, these are small samples, especially last year, but last year he was the new guy on the block.  Now, with another year under his belt in St. Louis, he’s still got plenty of support even if he’s farther down the list.  If you have listened to the Best Podcast in Baseball, you know that along with all sorts of Missouri sports talk, you’ll get Hamilton mentions, ’80s-’90s references (such as above) and a lot of almost frenetic energy.

Number 18: stlcupofjoe
Joe Schwarz, Pharmacist (PharmD) via | editor (Dallas Braden mentioned my article on ESPN once) | | stlcupofjoe at gmail dot com

On Twitter since: May 2010
Number of Tweets:
Following: 537
Followers: 4,429

Number of ballots: 26
First place votes: 1
Highest rank: 1st
Total points: 381
2015 rank: 12

Joe slips in the listing as well, which again surprises me.  There’s not a lot of folks out there that can analyze the Cardinals, especially the pitchers, as well as he can.  Joe keeps saying that he’s going to retire from writing his stellar posts at Viva El Birdos, but thankfully he’s not followed through with those plans as of yet.

Number 17: KeeneMLB
Takes. Lots of them about the St. Louis Cardinals. RT = humiliation. During games there will be a barrage of tweets. You’ve been warned. Tweets by

On Twitter since: July 2012
Number of Tweets:
Following: 490
Followers: 2,169

Number of ballots: 26
First place votes: 0
Highest rank: 2nd
Total points: 394
2015 rank: 21

Guys like Joe drop and Wes moves up in the rankings?  Man, I really do have to fix this for next year.  In all seriousness, I enjoy following Wes and poking fun at him.  The insult matches of him and StlCardsCards are pretty epic as well.  Mr. Keene can be a bit cynical at times, but as the tweet above points out, he’s a true fan of this club.

Number 16: drewsilv
NBC Sports. Rotoworld.

On Twitter since: December 2008
Number of Tweets:
Following: 340
Followers: 19.7K

Number of ballots: 30
First place votes: 0
Highest rank: 4th
Total points: 404
2015 rank: 12

Drew’s a solid Cardinal follow, though given that he writes for Hardball Talk and Rotoworld, it’s not really surprising that his feed is full of more general baseball information that Cardinal-centric stuff.  He’s a St. Louisian through and through, though, and so if there’s something big happening with the Cardinals, Drew is going to have a Tweet about it.

Five more in the books!  We’ll start tackling the Top 15 next time out!

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