The Eighth Annual Cardinal Approval Ratings

I know, it’s been slow around here, but those winter doldrums are just hard to kick.  It’s tough to convince yourself to get out of a warm bed well before dawn to sit down and write about….well, not much of anything.  You’ve had the various podcasts to tide you over, I hope, and I do plan to get back to writing pretty soon.  If nothing else, spring training is just a few weeks away and it’s much easier to come up with posts then.

Until then, though, you can humor yourself by voting in the eighth annual Cardinal Approval Ratings.  They are kind of like those political ratings you hear about, where so-and-so has a 60% approval rating with the voters.  Here, you give me your personal approval rating and we use that to come up with an overall score.  This is completely on you.  Maybe you’ve never liked Matt Carpenter’s beard.  Maybe you think Al Hrabosky gets a bad rap.  Factor in whatever you like, on-the-field, off-the-field, it’s up to you.

The form is below, but I’ll be Tweeting out links to it regularly between now and February 21.  I’ll release the results afterwards in the daily posts.  You can see how folks ranked last year if you scroll down our links page.  Thanks for the input!

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