Redefining An All-Star Shortstop…

Ahh, memories. The good ones often last a lifetime.

Take for example, Ozzie Smith. He was such a good fielder with a flair for the dramatic. I remember the pregame back flips, the diving stops that he somehow made seem ordinary. I also remember how he made himself into a solid hitter. The glove is what got him into the Hall Of Fame, but he worked hard at his entire game.

Up until this point, when I thought of a starting shortstop on the all-star team, being a St. Louis native, I thought of Ozzie. I thought of acrobatics that seemed routine. I thought of all the runs he saved, all of his Gold Gloves.

This year the Cardinals again have a starting shortstop in the game: Jhonny Peralta.

Peralta is the opposite of Ozzie: A solid hitter who can thump a few that made himself into a solid fielder. I remember how everyone seemed surprised last year when Jhonny had a good year fielding wise. He made use of good positioning, thus always being in a good spot to make the play. Peralta may not be as acrobatic as Ozzie, but as I mentioned, he works at his overall game, just like Ozzie did.

As for the bat, well, as I said, Jhonny is primarily an offensive player, and the bat is admittedly what got him onto the all-star team. He’s hitting .297/.350/.469 with 11 homers and 42 RBI’s. Good numbers in general, but especially so for a shortstop, which isn’t the most bat-laden position on the field.

My mind will always flash back to Ozzie and his glove, but in the here in now, Jhonny Peralta has redefined what it means to be an all-star shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. And you know what? I’m just fine with that.


As always, thanks for reading.


  • Buddhasillegitimatechild38

    You may be a bit older than me. I remember 90s Ozzie who was plenty praised and still good but not like 80s Ozzie. Sp to me I don’t immediately think Ozzie I think Renteria only better so thank you for writing this because it’s a cool perspective that wouldn’t have crossed my mind

  • janrayewilliams

    The Cardinals “One and only cheating, lying, HGH-using HGH-hitter, HGH-HR hitting ss” who is such a great role model.”

    St. Louis fans, team, manager, & organization: “We don’t care what he uses as long as he hits HGH-HR’s & never gets hurt, which he won’t since he’s full of age-defying HGH that results in denser bones, added muscle cells and strengthened tendons & ligaments which sure would help the other players who are frequently injured, but are honest and choose not to CHEAT when they play baseball with all of the other players who’ve agreed to play without PEDs & do so.

    Braun, ARod, Peralta, N. Cruz, Colon, along with many others 1st agreed not to used PED’s & HGH, but then just said Aw, heck, I’ll do whatever I want to & use as much as I want, ordered the HGH in Miami, took delivery of it, paid for it, then used/injected the HGH for weeks during the 2012 off-season knowing that it’s benefits would last for years throughout their careers. Of the 12-15 MLB players suspended in Aug ’13, at least half of them are having their best career years in ’14 & ’15 or best years since ’12 even as they get older in age. That’s a high % of a very small select group with HGH/PEDs use in common.

    Peralta lied about his HGH/PEDs use from Jan ’13 to Aug ’13. He never did admit it but was shown evidence by MLB, MLBPA, his attorney, & a judge who gave him an ultimatum to do the 50-gm vacation, or go to trial where they had enough clear evidence to suspend him for longer for lying about it for 2/3 of a year to fans, owner, teammates, manager, & the media. JP manipulated MLB knowing that even if caught, 50 games was nothing & he could come back in Sept, play in the playoffs, then get a nice huge contract for millions.

    Peralta=Bonds=McGwire=Sosa= CHEATERS! LIARS. MANIPULATORS.

    Peralta is an HGH using CHEATER in the great game of baseball that many of us have loved for over 50 years. He disgraces the uniform of Musial, Smith, Chris & Matt Carpenter, Wainwright, Brock, Edmonds & so many others. Sad.

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