The Bird’s Eye View Returns!

Beginning in the middle of 2011, the United Cardinal Bloggers have provided a series-preview email to all those that are interested.  It’s a way to get set before the next few games, to know who is pitching, what to watch for, things like that.  Plus it’s written by some really talented folks and it’s just for those that have expressed interest–sometimes the BEV is posted on the writer’s blog, but most of the time it’s email-only.

If you’ve signed up for The Bird’s Eye View in the past,  you are still on the list and you don’t have to do anything more.  You’ll be getting your previews starting with the opener in Chicago.  (The first one is written by yours truly, but I promise they improve from there.)  If you’ve never signed up, though, you should.  It’s more Cardinal content and it’s free.  What more could you ask for?  The email addresses aren’t sold or used for anything besides the BEV or the occasional UCB promotion (and even that’s like once a year if it happens).

Give it a try.  Sign up with the form below and we’ll get you added to the list!

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