Motte And The Cards Fight Cancer Together

mJUKOrqM4MmzjEggGFMCOHgOn September 2nd, Jason Motte and the St. Louis Cardinals will promote a special event at Busch Stadium. The Pirates may be in town making an attempt to rob the Cards of a victory, but Motte and the home team will be tackling a different beast. Cancer. The special night is called “2014 Strike Out Cancer Theme Night at Busch”. Fans will receive a Jason Motte bobblehead with the K Cancer t-shirt on it.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit local childhood cancer research. Cancer sucks in general, but there’s nothing worse than a young kid battling a disease that will always stand taller than him or her.

This all started in 2010 but got moving last year when Motte went down with an injury. After Motte hurt his elbow and underwent Tommy John Surgery, he decided to use his time wisely. Instead of sit around and wait for his throwing limb to heal, Motte wanted to help the community in some way. In 2010, Motte and his wife Caitlin had a desire to help in some way in the fight against Cancer. Caitlin’s grandmother was a cancer patient at the time and when Motte saw a sign requesting blankets, he knew there was something else that could be done. Now, Motte could have simply cut a check and been done with it. That’s admirable and a decent gesture. That’s not what Motte did. He wanted to help in a different way. It’s one thing to provide money because that does affect the growth and stability of research in hospitals and clinics. However, seeing one of the most well liked baseball players in the game at the clinics and hospitals showing his support makes for a life saver in its own. Motte befriended kids and helped many families. Soon enough, the K Cancer label was born and the t-shirts are now a fixture across the Major Leagues and available in every team’s colors. Portions of the proceeds from every t-shirt sold goes to cancer research and helps those in need.

New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals

Any fan in any city can wear the “K Cancer” shirt with pride and this all started with Motte. All 30 teams have participated.  When his arm was injured, he put his heart and mind to work. It’s something that has driven him on the field as well as off. Any time he is asked about the cause, all Motte can say is that he wanted to help. The reach of his foundation is endless and will only stretch with time and attention. I have lost two people in my life to cancer. A co-worker passed away in the span of 11 months to lung cancer and I wear a bracelet to this day that says “Cancer Sucks”. A close friend of mine, Troy Siade, passed away in 2004 to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My mom works as a nurse at Childrens Hospital and she helps sick children and infants every day. When I see Motte make this kind of effort, it truly touches my heart. He gives a damn and it’s refreshing to see.

It isn’t putting down other players to praise Motte here. Some players like to put themselves out there and others want to remain private. Motte has made himself the face of this fight and he couldn’t be more proud. On September 2nd, he gets his day in the sun not just as a great baseball player and ambassador for The Cardinals, but as a fine human being as well. Jason Motte takes the mound with an intensity and aggression that can only be admired. He saves his best fastballs for the vigorous disease that is cancer. Jason Motte was born with the ability to throw a baseball 100 miles per hour. He decided along the way to be a good man. He is making his efforts count with this fight.

Together, Motte and the Cardinals are taking the fight to the disease on a daily basis. It may not be as easy as striking out the side, but it’s a noble effort that touches a lot of people’s lives. Just ask one of the many kids, parents, brothers or sisters that Motte helps.

Jason Motte isn’t doing this for attention or fame. He is simply trying to help and better people’s lives.

To Learn More About Motte’s foundation, visit this website,

To purchase one of the K Cancer shirts, visit 108 stitches website,


Come out on September 2nd, and be a part of something special. The Cards may win or they may lose that night. Motte may pitch and do well or he may not. His effect off the field can easily carry him into the night.

As long as people show up and money is raised for the fight against cancer, everybody is a winner on September 2nd.

Thank you, Jason Motte.

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