St. Louis Cardinals Saturday roundup

I’m trying a little different format this week. It isn’t original by any means. In fact, one of my favorite reads in St. Louis sports uses it regularly. I wanted to hit several noteworthy topic, and not bore you on a single topic. So here are some note worthy observations on the Cards this week in no particular order.

Kevin Siegrist will be out at least another couple of weeks. He is missed, but Sam Freeman has been very good at filling in. Sam has a .84 ERA on the season. This week’s is higher, as he allowed one run on two hits in 2.2 innings pitched.

Joe Kelly is almost ready to make a rehab start. Where he’d go when he returns is a mystery. Carlos Martinez is filling the long relief/spot start role nicely — as he’ll do Sunday in place of Michael Wacha. In Carlos’ four innings pitched this week he’s allowed 2 hits and one unearned run.

Adam Wainwright will make his start today. He missed just one start and the world did not stop turning. The bullpen start netted a win for the Cards, as they surrendered just two runs on five hits.

Jon Jay is doing everything he can to frustrate the “trade Jay” crowd. He’s hitting over .300 on the season and appears to get nearly every start when the right field corner is occupied by Allen Craig. Jay is hitting .368 over the past week, .344 over the past two, and .342 over the last four weeks.

Matt Adams is back. He’s also hitting for power. Lots of power. He’s at an admirable .326 on the season, but .286 this week. He’s also responsible for three homeruns, and even a triple in the last couple weeks. Yes, you read that right.

Trevor Rosenthal has mostly returned to form. His dominance late in games was in question earlier this season. In his 1.1 innings of work this week, he’s allowed one hit, but walked two. His 0.96 ERA over the past four weeks is a big step in the right direction.

Jason Motte is still a work in progress. He is still finding ways to get outs without throwing 96+mph, but he hasn’t found the exact formula yet. In his one inning of work this week, he allowed one run on two hits. He was perfect on Sunday against the Nationals.

Tomorrow the Cardinals host their annual blogger get-together at the stadium. This organization is a class act that treats us very well. I’ll be tweeting during the event with relevant news from the chat with John Mozeliak. I can’t speak for other teams, but this one does everything it can to make the writers and bloggers feel like a part of the family. That, and the 6 readers I have here, make it all worth while.

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