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FLC Scoring Update #2

We’ve got a change in the top as the second round of the Favorite Living Cardinal Tournament wraps up.  It’s a tight race, though, and lots of picks are still in play.

Eugene Tierney 61
Jacqueline Conrad 60
Matt Rath #1 52
Ross Willimann 52
Joe Schwarz 48
Mary Rath 42
Matt Rath #2 42

I sit at 49 points, which means I had a bit of an idea of how the voting would go, but not a real good one.

General notes: Matt’s second bracket is the only one that has lost a member of their Final Four, which happened when Yadier Molina took out Chris Carpenter.  Nobody’s got any of their regional finals participants eliminated in the Arch and Champions Regions and only one is gone in the Diamond Region, so the scores could really start piling up soon.

Remember, the Sweet 16 kicks off Monday morning!