The Tulo Talk Takes Off

I’m writing this from my phone in the time before a continuing education class, so pardon the lack of links or any glitches. However, the news from Jeff Passan that John Mozeliak was going to meet with Colorado about Troy Tulowitzki required a little commentary.

If you haven’t, I’d suggest you read Dan over at Dose of Buffa as he goes through the situation pretty well. There is no doubt that Tulowitzki would improve this team over the next couple of years, at least. At 29 and one of the top guys at short in the game, it’s an obvious improvement. That said, Dathan could possibly be an upgrade over Pete Kozma. (He’s got short, white and scrappy down, at least.)

So having that bat in the lineup would be a huge upgrade for this team and keep them in line for another Series run in 2014. However, there are a lot of risks with Tulowitzki. The largest being, what happens if you do this talent-costly deal….and still have Kozma as a starting shortstop?

Tulowitzki’s health is going to be one of the major drawbacks to a deal. (That contract ain’t a piece of cake either, though the Cards might get help there depending on the prospects surrendered.) Can he be on the field 145 or so games a year? Will he be available in postseason play? Any player can get hurt, of course, but it’s a real risk with the Rockies shortstop.

This isn’t the only place the Cards are looking–the same article says they’ve made calls to Texas–but with the GM meetings going on this week, it’s unsurprising conversations will be had. In Mo We Trust and all that, but I wouldn’t put a Tulo Cardinal jersey on your Christmas list just yet.

Exit Interviews start this morning so be sure to check back for the beginning of that series!

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