Offseason Journal: Day 9

Day 9:  Trying not to go gently into that dark night


I do a lot of driving in my day job, and once a week I have a route that takes me to my more remote customers.  These days are usually good for roughly 8 hours of driving (doesn’t include time I’m actually working at the customer’s facility) and 500 miles between the time I leave the house, and the time I return.  It makes for long days, and today was that day.  When I got home this evening, it was dark outside–the end of Daylight Saving Time always takes me a little while to get used to.  At any rate, since it was dark when I pulled into the driveway, I could see into the living room.

The TV wasn’t on.

The game is almost always on when I pull into the driveway and it’s dark outside.

Almost always.

As if I needed another reminder, it was like, “Hey, Dathan!  Don’t forget, baseball season is over!”.  It felt like something between a swift kick to the crotch and salt in a proverbial wound.

One of the ways I pass the driving time on those long work days is by listening to baseball podcasts.  Often the ones I listen to are somewhat (but not hyper) time-sensitive, and I usually allow them to accumulate, and listen to a week’s worth at once, as I make this drive.  This is common for me to do during the season, but without actual baseball to fill the hole left behind by its absence, I might need to find a few more.  Any suggestions are welcome!  (And yes, I already subscribe to the UCB Radio Hour)

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