Offseason Journal: Day 8

Day 8: Snuck a peek (and expanded re-peek) at some live ball action in the AFL.


I finally saw an inning or two of AFL ball last night, along with the trialing of expanded instant replay.  My heart skipped a beat and my eyes lit up when I saw Piscotty…if for no other reason, seeing the birds on the bat was like an oasis in the desert for my eyes.

I found myself reading about lowering the seams on balls used in the minors, and about newfangled science that causes metal bats to produce less “ping” and more “crack”.  These are the things I’m reading about to pass the time until the major award announcements are made.  (Speaking of, Yadi and the Cards continue to earn more hardware–silver sluggers to he and Carpenter today.)

Today wasn’t a bad day or anything. But I’m starting to wonder how long these tiny bits of “news” and stories about seams are going to be able to keep me going.

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