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Stay with me here, you could win some free stuff.


As the great “You drove a Hyundai to get here tonight, I drove an $80,000 BMW” once said (I’m choosing to use his more family-friendly, albeit longer alias), “Coffee is for closers”.

It would seem Jason Grilli’s cup of coffee as the Pirates’ closer has gone cold, at least for now. In his relatively short time in the closing role, Jason Grilli has been very effective at finishing games for the Pittsburgh Pirates. A 15-day DL stint that began Tuesday will have the Bucs stopper shelved during a stretch of the season when the team faces the Redbirds for that 5-game series (including the make-up game from the rainout earlier in the year). That’s the good news for the Cards.

The bad news is that in that there are two three-game sets between the Pirates and the Marlins over the next 16 days. That could plausibly give the Pirates less trouble than they’d have dealing with other clubs. While it’s certainly fortunate* for the Pirates that they’ll play the Marlins twice during Grilli’s DL stint, it’s rather unfortunate* that the huge 5-game series against the Cardinals comes during that same stretch.

This season, the Cards have been beneficiaries of some nice depth in the bullpen. After losing Motte, and after the Boggs experiment failed (then then a few more blown saves and/or losses after said failure), All-Star Edward Mujica picked this team up, and in many ways, has carried them to where they are today. A lot of eyes will be on All-Star Mark Melancon, to see if he can pick up where Grilli left off, and keep the Bucs in contention as this NL Central race begins to heat up.

Don’t shrug Melancon off as ‘the guy they’re using while Grilli is out’. He’s got the kind of stuff that misses bats, and though he’s bounced around a bit, maybe all he’s needed all this time was an opportunity. In 2013, he’s striking out roughly one batter per inning, and is stingy when it comes to allowing baserunners. A sub-one ERA, and a WHIP of .8 are a couple of the reasons why Melancon shouldn’t be looked over by Cardinals hitters. The series at the end of the month could be the biggest on the schedule yet.

But, an ERA under 1.00, and a WHIP that’s even lower? I know what you’re thinking…

“What about the free stuff you said I could win?”


It’s ridiculously easy. Here’s the deal: (see rules below)

You can win a free copy of the DVD/Bluray combo: Baseball’s greatest games, 2011 World Series, Game 6 (more info)

All you have to do is like the Cards Conclave Facebook page, or RT a blog post tweet from @CardsConclave on twitter.

That’s it. If you can do that between now and 11:59pm CDT on Saturday night (July 27, 2013), you’re in the running.


Good luck!


*on paper, where games are not played


More contest details:

* Winners in the US and Canada only

* Aside from MLB Bloopers and Prime 9: MLB Heroics, available programming at the MLB iTunes store includes The Best of the Home Run Derby and “Prime 9: All-Star Moments;” Official World Series Films dating back to 1947, including the 1969 and 1986 films; the first season of “This Week In Baseball,” which originally aired in 1977; a documentary offering a fresh perspective on Jackie Robinson’s life and career; recent productions including a comprehensive film chronicling every era of World Series play and documentaries created to celebrate notable anniversaries for the Mets, Astros and Red Sox; bloopers titles highlighting the funniest MLB moments; and many other titles. Any of these films can now be downloaded from the iTunes store ( Prices range from $1.99 for individual episodes of “Prime 9” and “This Week in Baseball” to $19.99 for the Official 2012 World Series Film in HD.

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