Exclusive: John Mozeliak Tapped As Next Doctor Who

The BBC has ended weeks of speculation today by selecting St. Louis Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak to portray The Twelfth Doctor in the long-running BBC science fiction series Doctor Who.

Showrunner Steven Moffat made the surprise announcement on Mozeliak’s home turf of Busch Stadium prior to Saturday night’s game between the Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.  Moffat acknowledged that this was a definite departure from the British professional actors that the show has utilized in the role in the past, but stated Mozeliak’s body of work made him “perfect” for the job.

“When you look at what Mozeliak has done as the general manager of this squad, it fits in so well with what The Doctor tends to do,” said Moffat.  “He always seems to know the solution for whatever problem arises and isn’t distracted by mounting obstacles.  Plus, the way that he seems to know exactly what moves to make is almost like he can see the future because he’s been there.”

While it was not addressed by Moffat, rumor has it there were other reasons that Mozeliak was given the job of the time traveler, not the least of which was his sartorial style.

“Steven has liked the look of the last two doctors, so when it came to cast the next Doctor, we did a Google search to combine David Tennant’s penchant for glasses and the bow tie that Matt Smith wore while he had the job,” said an unidentified source.  “When you put those together, you get John Mozeliak.  Plus, if we want to do a throwback to the Fourth Doctor, we know Mo is a scarf man.”

10th Doctor


11th Doctor

+ Bow Tie

Mo in Bow Tie

= John Mozeliak

As the show is always looking at the budget, it is expected that, as The Doctor, Mozeliak will develop a deep roster of companions, meaning that as one begins to demand more money, a move can be made to a younger, more talented companion.  This will keep the show running as a well-oiled machine while continuing not to break the bank, something Mozeliak has proven very adept at in his day job.

Negotiations did hit a snag at one time, Moffat admitted.  The hangup was Mozeliak’s initial instance on bringing Ty Wigginton along as the initial companion as he got his feet wet in the role.  Moffat balked at the request and it was eventually dropped.

“We really wanted Mo,” said Moffat, “but asking the audience to believe that Ty Wigginton was a helpful, useful companion seemed to be stretching credibility.  And I say that knowing that this is a science fiction show about a time traveler that can regenerate and deals with all sorts of fantastic creatures.”

Filming is expected to be compressed into the offseason as to accommodate Mozeliak’s current job.  Being that the filming will be taken place in London and the surrounding area, it is not expected to impact Mozeliak’s role as a Jedi Master in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.

Mozeliak was unavailable for comment.

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