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If you ever wondered what it would be like to face the Small Bears in the playoffs, you’ll get a taste of it this week. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I hoped the Cardinals would bury Pittsburgh for the rest of the regular season, when they played this weekend.  Alas, [...]

Starting this weekend, St Louis will make their final foray to the West Coast for the regular season.  Since they start the road trip in my hometown, I had great designs on a 1200+ word essay about the Padres – what to expect, strengths and weaknesses; kind of a Bird’s Eye View reprise. Then the [...]

Get Checked

This will have nothing to do with baseball. A close friend of my family died Tuesday of breast cancer. She was 49. This hits home because she was my friend; she was about my age; and her youngest daughter is the same age as my oldest son. They were classmates once upon a time. She [...]

Hope is not a Plan

I’ve tried to write this post for over an hour.  And like most of my attempts to write this year, I can’t coherently tie the various ideas swirling around into a post with a common theme.  So I’ve just devolved into bullet points. That the Cardinals ultimately lost this series doesn’t bother me, but the way they lost [...]

Let’s Not Get Carried Away

I think we can all agree, what the Cardinals have done to Clayton Kershaw over the last two post-seasons defies explanation.  The tale of 2+ innings: B3, 18 Oct 13 – 4 runs, 5 hits, 3 LOB, 48 pitches B5, 18 Oct – 3 hitters, 3 hits, Kershaw KO’d, all three runners score, 7 pitches. [...]

End It

What a difference two weeks makes. St Louis finds itself 4 games ahead of Milwaukee as they start play tonight.  Yadier Molina is back; Michael Wacha looked pretty good in his 3 innings of work; the team has won six games in a row.  Granted, the Brewers’ extended losing streak has helped; teams don’t typically gain 6 [...]

Right of Center

Gonna squeeze one in here…. What a difference a homestand makes. Last Wednesday the Cardinals had lost 4 of 5, about to limp out of Miami, and barely hanging on to a Wild Card slot.  Today they head to Philadelphia, winners of  7 of their last 8, and with some space in the WC race. They lead SF by 2 [...]

A Quick Word

St Louis suffered through a tough road trip, dropping 4 of 6 to Baltimore and Miami.  They come home to face the Padres 4 times, a team they’ve traditionally toyed with and then beaten along the shores of the Mississippi River.  Despite boasting the only lineup worse at scoring runs than the Cardinals, San Diego [...]


I haven’t watched, talked, tweeted, or written much about Cardinals baseball this season.  I won’t bore you with the roll-call of excuses.  This week’s series in my adopted hometown provided a good opportunity to hit the reset button.  The team’s annual trip to Petco is always circled on my calendar, and I look forward to the three days [...]

Descalso Switch

This post won’t try to explain why Mike Matheny insists on subbing Daniel Descalso in late in close games.  But, seeing as Matheny double-switched Descalso in last night, and Daniel got an at-bat, I was curious on his success rate.  To wit: He has finished 15 of the 34 games he’s appeared in; 16/35, counting [...]

Who’s Got The Motte?

Jason Motte continues to progress from his Tommy John surgery.  He has been pitching since May 4 and pitching pretty well.  In four appearances with Springfield, he’s faced 13 hitters, allowed a walk and a hit, and struck out three.  Promoted to Memphis this past Tuesday, he’s made two additional appearances, allowed two hits, and [...]

During Wednesday’s Cards/Reds game, Billy Hamilton tagged from third and scored on a fly ball to short right.  This fact caused a juuust a minor ripple in the Twitterverse.  I tip my hat to Hamilton for having the cojones to attempt to score on that ball.  But let’s not trip over ourselves creating the Legend [...]

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