A Tale of Two Rookies

2020 will be remembered for many different things – most bad or at least forgettable without a doubt. Now that the Cardinals have resumed their season, let’s highlight a couple of positive outcomes.

St. Louis had the entire sports world dissecting their every move for over two weeks so it would not have been a shock to see some sub-par gameplay early on. The only problem with that was someone forgot to tell the Birds on the Bat.

The Cards cruised to a 5-1 victory in Chicago before unleashing an unknown number of rookies making their MLB debut in Game 2. We do know of at least two who have been announced and honestly, they are the perfect way to introduce what will be a caravan of memories across the organization.

Jake Woodford was added before the season and really isn’t a big shock to see him starting a game no matter the circumstances. He has steadily moved up the depth chart and really cemented his status with an impressive showing for Memphis last summer. Woodford won’t be expected to go more than a couple innings but will be just the first of the rookies to toe the rubber.

On the other hand, Max Schrock probably benefits most from having so many roster spots to fill. That’s not to say he was a long shot to get in a game at some point but the deck was stacked against him. Then he turned plenty of heads in Summer Camp and honestly could have made the Opening Day roster without much debate.

Where things are going to get interesting for both rookies as well as all the new faces that are in Chicago currently is what happens when the ten players currently on the IL are ready to return. The revolving door method only goes so far as roster spots are limited but that discussion can happen another time. For now just remember what’s important and having baseball back tops the list!

Debuts are always exciting no matter how they happen so St. Louis get ready to see a whole lot of high numbers, especially as the Secret Weapon dons a very unfamiliar 91!

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