St. Louis Looks to Future with Second Pick

Money talks in the game of baseball, and that may have played a part in how the 2nd Round turned out for the Cardinals. With many big names previously connected to St. Louis at No. 19 still available, it turned out that a historic pro team will hopefully win out over a college powerhouse.

Trejyn Fletcher profiles as a power hitting outfielder who also happens to be extremely young for this year’s draft. While the upside is very good, the Cards must also get Fletcher away from a commitment to Vanderbilt in order to see him wear the Birds on the Bat.

That’s it for day one, as much of the heavy lifting for St. Louis comes tomorrow in the money rounds. With a small bonus pool and plenty of picks remaining, it is up to Randy Flores and company to put the pieces together before we can call this one a success.

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