Waiting Out the Rain

Nothing like a weather delay to re-introduce myself to the good people following the Conclave! It has been entirely too long but good news is my favorite time of the year happens to be right around the corner. Not only will the short season clubs have a ton of talent to talk about, but this year’s MLB Draft truly will be a crap shoot in the early rounds. Typically I would spend the next couple weeks getting familiar with options for the first few picks.

If only because a lack of consistency in schedule at my real job, it turns out 2019 was the right draft to try throwing darts instead. The Cardinals truly could use another impact pitcher unless of course the chips fall where St. Louis can snag one more premium bat that happens to land at number 19. Yep, if that spot seems familiar you are in luck and hopefully good fortune will again shine for the Birds on the Bat. Nolan Gorman has skyrocketed up the prospect charts after his No. 19 selection last June so if history can repeat itself – no doubt the Cards will not hesitate to add even more depth to an already impressive position player group.

It should be noted, however, that the early mock drafts as well as top lists are far from bullish on both the high school as well as college pitching heading into June 3rd. A few solid outings in tournament action can turn that image around quickly but for now St. Louis will have to again prepare for what happens above them. What should be fun to watch unfold happens to be an early group of shortstops that may give the Cardinals a bunch of options in the first round.

A few pitchers have higher than usual price tags attached already, so that will be the first test. Can a surprise pick leave enough funds to even out what needs to be a solid haul after most of the organization’s top arms have graduated out? Even more importantly to me, the scouting department can ill afford any missteps given the NL Central’s depth with trading season almost upon us.

There also are plenty of outfielders as well as third base prospects getting lots of love right now, which are two positions currently stacked under the Arch. If the Cards grab yet another high ranked ‘blocked’ player early in this draft, would that do enough to show who might be deemed expendable this summer. It should be noted that blocked has to be highlighted given the nature of high school players close to making a difference rarely fall that far or are limited to a single position.

Either way you look at it, the draft only begins a summer unlike any other. A number of rentals should fit in the plans for St. Louis, and failure truly isn’t an option after a crazy start the first two months. Join us for the ride and as always, thanks for the support!

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