Cardinals Continue Shopping on Day 2

As the clock gets closer to welcoming Wednesday on the East Coast, very little movement surrounding St. Louis can lead to only two conclusions at the Winter Meetings. It would be unwise to count out the top brass for the Cardinals but at the same time, the trade market can be unforgiving once the dust clears.

It remains very likely that a shiny new offensive weapon is acquired, but possibly not in the next 48 hours as trades take much longer to complete. Rumors are still the only thing anyone can use at this point, however, and that makes for some frustrating keyboard refreshing.

Have no fear though fellow Birds on the Bat faithful, because there is always something to be thankful for while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

As interesting as the last week has been, it will be nice to not wake up and wonder which potential trade target has been flipped elsewhere or have to see the latest addition to the Baby Bears. Free agency was always going to pricey and seen as the weaker fit for the Cards due to the stockpile of prospects primed to play somewhere.

The best news for St. Louis at this point has been the lack of much movement, so that allows for the right deal on both sides. The options are plentiful but so are the risks anytime you must bring change into an organization. Baseball just happens to be the one business where not everyone has the same goal at the end of the day, and the time is right to take full advantage of those looking to sell.

We have been much too fortunate that going on nearly two decades now the team we root for has never felt the need to use the dreaded rebuild term or anything even remotely close to that. Now it is time to see how the future will look under the Arch and just what presents the front office has up their sleeves.

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