Confused by the Cardinals

The days of having to check to make sure I got the Gonzales part right with Marco are officially over. In what can only be described as an interesting first deal this month, the Cardinals acquired the one thing they seemingly didn’t need. Tyler O’Neill represents yet another top-100 type prospect who provides power for a Memphis outfield that was already stacked.

In dealing Marco to the Mariners, however, it does free up a spot on the 40-man roster while returning Gonzales to a place he knows well. And after his last hurrah in St. Louis all but spelled the end of the line under the Arch, it was time for the former first round pick to get a real look. Injuries played a role in keeping the southpaw out of the rotation, but it really came down to other options taking away opportunities.

The Cardinals did well on paper with the return, since O’Neill has done nothing to hurt his reputation in the Seattle system. Rated as the #29 prospect by MLB heading into the 2017 campaign, the Canada native has put his slow start in the PCL behind him with a torrid stretch that caught the attention of the Birds on the Bat. While this deal opens up the ability to make other moves, it really just raises more question marks.

If the theory of more is better plays out for Memphis, scouts need to plot their GPS starting this weekend. Harrison Bader was already knocking on the door, but that creates more issues on the big league roster. At last count playing more than three outfielders seemed like an odd strategy so what’s next for the St. Louis front office?

By my quick count, there are already a pair of Redbirds outfielders and a trio in Springfield fighting for promotions. It seems to reason another move would be made sooner rather than later then to capitalize on one or more teams trying to get younger. The obvious target with plenty of unanswered questions shares a home every March with the Cardinals. But to be honest, no one has a clue what the Marlins are up to which makes for a tricky dance partner.

While I wish O’Neill well as with every new addition to the St. Louis family, it sure appears as if it could be a short stay. Look for another transaction or three as the craziness kicks into full gear as soon as the all-important series with the Baby Bears concludes Sunday night.

  • Alan in Sarasota July 22, 2017, 4:44 am

    planning for a replacement of an unimpressive Fowler?

    • Cardinal70 July 24, 2017, 8:19 am

      Given the fact that Fowler will be here for another four years and O’Neill doesn’t play center field, I don’t think that played a part in the deal at all.

      • Josh G. July 31, 2017, 10:50 am

        My original reply is lost out there somewhere but here goes the thoughts behind the move. O’Neill has been playing CF a bit but makes RG expendable in my opinion. Fowler will eventually move to left as Mags is the CF of the future with O’Neill able to fill in and possibly be a replacement to Piscotty.

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