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Carlos Martinez. Tsunami. CMart. Fire. Electric. Brilliant. Emotional. Heart. Joy. Love. Generous. Kind. Impatient. Loyal. Student. Teacher. Child like. Thoughtful. Mournful. Rising star. Capable. Hopeful. Determined. Responsible. Respectful. Memorable.

All of these words can be used to describe Carlos. He is growing up before our eyes, under a spotlight. At times, it seems as though many forget he is only 25 years old. The path in front of him is clear now…he wants to be an ace, a leader, a strong competitor. His growing pains have occurred under the microscope of Cards fans, and he has handled it with grace and a growing maturity.

The one word some have a problem using when referring to Carlos is “ace”.

Carlos is the ace of the Cardinals. For the time being, he is a co-ace with Adam while he learns how to take the reigns and Adam continues to share his knowledge with him. However, as far as performance is concerned, he is our ace. He is striking players out at an impressive rate, and his ERA places 8th among National League pitchers. By strikeouts, he’s tied for 6th. By WHIP, he’s 8th. Tied with Max Scherzer, he has only given up 12 home runs. He’s 4th in innings pitched on the season. His efforts for this season should not be brushed off…they should be praised and appreciated.

In his first year as a starter after working two seasons out of the bullpen, Carlos finished 14-7 with a 3.07 ERA, followed by his second year where he finished 16-9 with a 3.04 ERA. This season, his win-loss record is a bit shy in the win column due to the bullpen pitching behind him and at times, the offense producing no run support. However, he is 6-7 with a 3.15 ERA and is working with all the same brilliant, electric pitching skills that have made him one of the brightest emerging talents in the major leagues. Carlos doesn’t allow many home runs, and while his walks are up a bit this season, his strikeouts are impressive at 124 before the All Star Break. He is also on pace to reach the 200 inning mark.

Some like to compare CMart to others he is leading with this season around the league. Make sure to check out their age 25 seasons. Carlos is pitching extraordinarily well, keeping pace with those who have much more experience.

Watching Carlos through the years, I’ve watched his spirited joy for this game fill every inning and liven the atmosphere of the dugout. I’ve watched him lose friends to tragic accidents and mourn those losses with grace and dignity. He honors their memories every day by playing with energy and love for this game. Through his Tsunami Waves Foundation, he is helping children in his community, trying to give them a full, rich life. If you haven’t read his introduction of himself, please take the time to do so. I already thought of him as a leader on this team, but hearing his thoughts and feelings about his role and his team, it’s impossible to not feel respect for him. Carlos is making his way through life and this game, and I am absolutely 100% proud of the man he is on and off the field. Tsunami is a unique gift for this Cardinals team. I never want to see any of his spark, joy, love -any of his spectrum of emotions- fade. His brand of fire is and will always be needed on this team. It’s long past time for all to embrace the flare and emotion he brings to his starts, as well as all the fun and laughter he brings to the dugout. He should never be reigned in. Let his light shine bright.

Carlos Martinez is an ace. Ride the wave.

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