My Love Affair With Baseball

My baseball moment is Waino vs Beltran in 2006. Born in the 80s, I knew some about Ozzie and Willie and then knew a few guys in the 90s, but 2006 was when I fell in love. Wainwright closing that game was mesmerizing for me. I was pacing and crossing my fingers and closing my eyes in nervousness, only to open them and watch every pitch. My stomach was doing cartwheels. I knew I was in this for the long run. I jumped and yelled when the beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking curveball struck Beltran out. Amazing moment for me. I was in love with Cardinals baseball.

I cry when I watch Field of Dreams. Every time. The way it talks about baseball…it completely captures its beauty, innocence, wide eyed wonder, old fashioned greatness and most of all, its undeniable heart. Baseball has heart. Players giving their all to play the game they love. The sound of the bat hitting the ball, the curve of a pitch as it goes over the plate, a diving catch in the outfield…I love it all. 3 hours of baseball is a lovely thing we get to watch daily from late February through October. Extra innings are a bonus. Watching Cardinals baseball is a privilege.

I took a tour of Busch Stadium once. Being in the dugout and on the field felt a little like magic to me. I love these guys. I love watching them play. Cardinals fan for life.

As in any normal, healthy, long term relationship, I question some moves, believe some days could be better. Surely there have been tragedies to overcome. Through it all though, I’m in. And at the end of every day, I’m happy with my choice to have the St. Louis Cardinals as my team.

It’s been a fun first year of interaction on Twitter, getting to know many of you fine Cards fans. Thanks for talking with me about our Cardinals! In my real life, an honest to goodness Cards fan is a rarity…makes having you all around all the better.

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