So, what next?

I think they Heyward discussion has played out, so I won’t go there, aside from saying that I wanted to re-sign him.

We didn’t though, so what’s next?

I heard an Alex Gordon rumor, and on the surface, that seems like a solid idea, but he’ll be 32 by the time the season comes around, and I’m concerned we’ll be paying for the decline phase of Gordon’s career. He also missed time due to injury last year, so his health as gets older might be a concern as well. Still, he’s a four time Gold Glover. Those Gold Gloves were earned in left field, not right though. With Matt Holliday entrenched in left for a little while longer, can Gordon transition to right without an issue?

Then there’s the matter of the kids.

When we re-signed Brandon Moss, we formed a first base platoon with him and Matt Adams which ensured that Stephen Piscotty won’t get much playing time at first. If the kid plays (and he should) it’ll be in the outfield. with Holliday, Piscotty, Randall Grichuk and Tommy Pham, we still have four solid outfield options, even without Heyward (and Jon Jay).

On the other hand, Holliday is in the last year of his contract, save for a team option in 2017 that shouldn’t be exercised, so signing a new outfielder isn’t a bad idea. I just don’t think it should be Gordon, even with the fielding, as the more i think about it, the more his age bothers me. (Part of why I wanted to re-sign Heyward so bad was that he’s only 26)

Instead I think we should target Justin Upton. He’s 28, and would replace Holliday’s offense. He’s not in the Heyward/Gordon category with the glove, but the offense makes it worth it.

It might create a jammed outfield for a year, but once Holliday’s team option is declined, we’ll have a nice, young outfield that’ll be set for a few years.

It’s not likely to happen, as Upton will command more money and years, but I hope it does.

As always, thanks for reading.

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