A Tale Of Two Players.

This is the tale of two players, one in the AL and one in the NL. One is a star, one looks he is on his way to becoming one. Other than playing the same position, they don’t have much in common, as their styles, for the most part, are very different.

Player A plays in the American League. He is, as I said, a star. He slugged .453 last year, but he is not a masher, as he hit only seven homers last year (though he already has five this year). The high slugging percentage resulted from a combo of line drives and speed, converting singles into doubles, of which he had 47. He was not your typical OBP machine as, despite leading the lead in BA last year, his OBP was only 36 points higher than his BA. The difference is greater this year, at 58 points, so he might be on his way to becoming one. One thing he is, is a speedster. He led the league in SB last year, with 56 SB last year and is currently leading the AL in SB again this year with 14. Player A, is of course, Jose Altuve, the Astros 2B.

Player B plays in the National League. He’s nowhere near the level of Altuve, at least not yet. He’s only in his second season of starting at 2B, and hasn’t had a season with 500 AB yet, whereas Altuve has already had three. Player two, like Altuve, has five homers already this year, part of a power surge that began late last year. Like Altuve, player two is currently hitting over .300 at .304 (Altuve is hitting .316). Like Altuve, player two is showing increased plate discipline, with an OBP 51 points higher than his BA. Player two, though he stole 20 bases last year while only getting caught four times, isn’t quite the speedster Altuve is. Player two, though nowhere near Altuve currently is growing rapidly and has his fans dreaming of what he may become. Hey may never reach Altuve’s level but becoming an all-star is more of a realistic possibility now than it ever seemed for the most part of last year. Player two is the Cardinal’s 2B, Kolten Wong.

Something to think about.

As always, thanks for reading.

  • Buddhasillegitimatechild38 May 19, 2015, 8:48 am

    Kolten Wong has better extra inning walk off bat flips than Altuve

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