Taking a breath…

I think, as the season approaches, it’s time to step back from all of the debates and hyper-criticism.

It seems to me, many people, myself included have gotten caught up in all of the various debates, both within their favorite teams (Who should be the Cardinals 5th starter, Ty Kelly should  make the team, etc) and without. And have lost site of one important fact: Baseball is back (well, almost.) The game itself should be enjoyable to watch, beyond the debates and even the players. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching certain players, especially from my hometown team, but the experience of watching a game of Major League Baseball is, in itself, enjoyable.

Naturally, as I hinted at above, I enjoy watching the Cardinals the most, but down here I get Astros’ games, and I’m looking forward to watching them, partly for players like Jose Altuve, but mainly because it’s baseball.

My OOTP league has something called live simulations, where you watch games being played, and I love it, even if I’m not watching my team. Same principle as watching the Astros’ games. It’s baseball.

So I’m going to watching Astros’ games and cheering on the home team. Sure, they’re rebuilding, but it’s just fun to watch the game. If I made it to Minute Maid Park and caught an actual game, I wouldn’t necessarily care who won or lost (unless it was a blowout) but I’d just enjoy the experience of being at an actual baseball game.

The same is true, to a lesser degree, with watching it on TV. Now I’m obviously not as attached to the Astros’, so I may root for other teams every once in a while, like the A’s, but for the most part I’ll just sit back and enjoy watching my favorite sport of all time.


As always, thanks for reading.

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