Good Move Carlos…

One of the thing lost in the flurry of moves this week was a simple number switch.

Carlos Martinez switched numbers, changing from number 44 to the number 18, formerly used by his good friend Oscar Taveras.

I was already a fan of Carlos’ and was looking forward to his full conversion to starter this upcoming season. Now it seems he has provided himself with extra motivation, as he seemingly is determined to honor his friend’s memory.

The last time somebody honored Oscar’s memory with an on-field tribute was Yordano Venturas game six of the World Series, and that turned out pretty well as he led KC to victory and forcing a game seven. Ventura drew inspiration from his friend’s memory while maintaining his focus

Now, obviously a game is different than an entire season, but I think Carlos already had some motivation as he had the desire to prove himself as a starter. You add to that the determination to honor a lost friend, and you might just have a surprising season on your hands.

Now I’ve said in the past that the Cards always play with intensity, but this is something different. Honoring a friend’s memory can provide inspiration, but it can also make a person emotional. Will he be thinking of Oscar every time he steps on the mound? Probably not, but when he does, he’ll have to maintain his focus like Ventura did.

Plus, being emotional throughout an entire season can be draining. Add that to the intensity the Cards already play with, and you could have a fatigued pitcher by the halfway point of the season, if not sooner.

Still it’s a worthy gesture, as it shows how much Carlos cared for his friend as well as how much he’s going to miss him.

As always, thanks for reading.

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