Seth Maness’ girlfriend logs on to his Twitter account, does some stupid things

You know the old saying. Never let your girlfriend have access to your Twitter account.

Seth Maness did not follow that rule and learned the hard way Tuesday night. Just minutes after Randy Choate’s throwing error led to a 5-4 extra innings win to put the Giants up 2-1 in the NLCS, a few peculiar retweets from Maness’ verified account showed up on my timeline.


Look, we all were upset with how the bullpen was handled. But a Cardinals pitcher publicly, passively blasting his manager? No way, right? I tweeted my confusion, which was inevitably met with people saying, “that’s not the real Seth Maness!” So I set out to prove it.

As you can see, that is in fact his verified account. The obvious question arose: Why would Maness be retweeting these types of tweets just minutes after the game? It wasn’t him. It was his girlfriend.




She deleted the retweets, but for some reason decided to favorite them instead. (These are now deleted, as is the tweet above. Naturally).


Sigh. Did we not learn anything from Carlos Martinez?

Also, Maness’ spot was due up first in the top of the 10th, so he wasn’t going to stay in past the 9th anyway.

Guessing this won’t be a fun talk between the happy couple.


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