Ode To Oscar

It’s time to make way for Oscar.
The second time, really. It’s true.
This time, he’ll stay;
This time, he’ll play.
That’s what we’re told he will do.

It’s time to give Oscar a shot.
We’ve been hearing how great he can be.
The offense is cold;
Not scoring gets old.
Come, Oscar, and set the bats free.

It’s time to see Mike get creative
As he finds those at bats Mo requires.
For Oscar’s still young.
His development’s not done.
But his power could bring lots of smiles.

It’s time to let loose all the promise
That could turn this long season around.
Let youth lead the way
With a spark, new each day.
So, let Oscar the Great now be crowned.

But, wait!

While Oscar’s time maybe here,
We all must be cautious, too.
He’s only one guy.
At best, he can try,
But there’s only so much he can do.

It’s time to see other guys, also
Step up when it’s their turn at bat.
Singles or doubles.
Home runs? Just a couple.
I’ll take more of all of that.

It’s time to look forward, not back
As the race for the Central grows harder.
Give Oscar some time,
He’ll fit in just fine.
But he needs lots of help from the others.

So, roll out the red carpets in San Fran.
Hang banners, join hands and sing!
Oscar is here!
But remember, my dear:
Oscar Time’s just a start of good things.



Welcome back, Oscar. May your adjustment be quick, and your impact be epic. …No pressure, kid. 


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