Notes From the Pulpit 11/21/2013

What’s better than a November Press Conference where nothing but good news is passed on? Here’s a hint and may have very little to do with the Cardinals — Texas just added a Prince and all but dashed the St. Louis dreams of acquiring an Elvis.

I was all ready for the big announcements today and got caught up with work before I even knew what happened! As far as needing a scoop on what the immediate future holds, the Birds on the Bat played a little game of addition by subtraction but didn’t shock anyone with the choices. Today’s deadline for Rule 5 protection coincided with news coming out of Cards’ camp, and the trio of position players should be playing at Busch next summer. Add to the mix a ‘helium’ pick who turned heads in the AFL, and St. Louis suddenly has more than just an abundance of talented hurlers.

The current roster sits at 36, but that is expected to change as early as the first of December. That was my unofficial date for movement on shortstop maneuvers, but the Rangers had other ideas last night. I’ll be moving my attention to other options before the Winter Meetings, with the first stop taking place at Dave Duncan’s new home. Arizona has young, cost-controlled shortstops and also could use another proven starter.

By far the best reason to avoid the free agent market is over-paying for what will ultimately be a flawed player on a lengthy deal. Of course the ability to keep a draft pick in the first round also plays into the discussion, as that clock has already started. The weekend is fast approaching, and the Preacher is signing off for now by wishing the newest Houston addition good luck in the land of former Redbirds.

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