Offseason Journal: Day 15

Day 15:  Putting the “F” in “Frost”


I woke up yesterday morning to frost.   Frost on the porch, frost on the lawn, frost on the mailbox, and the windshield.  Man, you can’t play ball in that stuff.  When I see white on the grass, it should represent fair or foul, not cold.

I think I heard my DVR calling my name earlier this evening.  This weekend, it might be time to break out one of the random games I recorded from this past season.  Part of the fun in recording games randomly, is that it’s often easy to forget the outcome or key moments of the game.  Some random weekend in May?  Sure.  A Tuesday night out of the blue during some west coast swing?  Yeah, why not?  These are some of the things I’ll go back and re-watch during the offseason sometimes, and they’re pretty good at keeping the entertainment factor near original levels.

I’ll have to proceed with caution, though, for a couple of reasons.

#1)  At least we’re in “awards season” right now, so there’s at least SOME new baseball-related news that I can expect each day.  This obviously won’t last forever, and once MVPs are announced, there’s often a lull.  GM meetings and winter meetings don’t mean what they used to, so the likelihood of daily action during these weeks is probably marginally better than any other day of the offseason at best…and maybe not even then, I’d have to check SABRfangraphs, or baseball prospectus to be sure.

#2)  There are a finite number of games recorded on the DVR.  Part of my DNA includes a precious few places for addictive personality traits.  You can probably see where I’m going with this.  I’d hate to sit down on Saturday morning to watch one of the games I’ve recorded, only to kick off an unintentional baseball marathon where I don’t sleep until Wednesday from binging on baseball.

Out of sight out of mind?  No chance.  Absence is making the heart grow fonder.

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