Thursday Shorts

In honor of Bernie’s Bytes (which are a must read for those that don’t) I thought I’d start throwing out Steve’s Shorts. The idea is they’ll be reasonably quick takes on things with a sabermetric bent.  There won’t be a ton of research that goes into these, but will likely be a graph or two based on readily available data that I think highlights a key point.  Without further discussion let’s just jump right in

  • It’s nice to have this defense on the field


but it’s hard when it comes with


I was downright shocked on the down the middle square. Just cleaning that up would make a ton of difference. I’m wondering how much of this


might make a difference. It appears that anything slow is being pulled more than it had early in the season. Just an observation, haven’t checked performance on those particular balls in play.

  • It’ll be nice to see what Carlos Martinez can do with his start.  Steamer has him projected at a ~3.60 FIP as a reliever right now.  Avert your eyes from the Jake Westbrook projection if you click through the link.
  • Projections aside, I’ll go a little old school on you and say that I respected Jake for taking his beating and saving innings in the bullpen last night.  I haven’t thought too long or hard about whether it was the right move to bring him in, but once he was in, leaving him in (barring risk of injury) was the right move.

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