Bunting (and not the red, blue, and white kind)

I know Daniel wouldn’t do this, but in his stead, I’m making an emergency executive decision.

Goat first.

Goat: Whoever called that consarned bunt in the bottom of the seventh inning. Yes, I’m looking at you Carlos Beltran and/or Mike Matheny (in no particular order).

Matheny refused to directly answer questions about the bunt in the post-game, and Beltran had already left the premises by the time reporters left Matheny’s post-gamer.

I remember a time when such stewards of the clubhouse like [redacted] would read players like [also redacted] the riot act for leaving the clubhouse before giving a sufficient answer to [redacted reporter’s name] question. Alas, Beltran must be nicer. Or play the game more right. Or give great tips on the afternoon matinee at Fairmount Park.

In any case, in this humble fan’s opinion, a rally was killed in cold blood tonight. Two on, no outs, and the one batter in the Cards’ lineup who can defy nonsensical lefty-righty-relief-Donnie-Baseball-whoopie-double-switchitude at the plate… SUSPENSE… and he sacrifice bunted.

Matheny wouldn’t take responsibility after the game for the call, but also wouldn’t finger the guilty culprit, which means it’s Beltran. And if you’re reading, Mr. Manager, there is a comments section below.

Well, or it was a missed sign.

Or maybe Oquendo called it. Goodness knows he doesn’t have an impeccable slate recently. (Which leads me into a completely different post, for a different day, about who carries the weight of that – because my goodness, that’s a lot of outs.)

Hero: Kevin Siegrist? I mean, we as a fan base (or at least this is my perception) long for sticking with hot hands in the bullpen and letting guys who are capable go multiple innings, right? I’m still wrapping my head around the idea being viable after years of mind-humping by Tony La Russa and his cronies (I still can’t unsee Mike Gallego in a Cardinals uniform regardless of role), yet tonight Siegrist was very successful in doing just that. Couple of innings keeping his team in the game, and was ripe for a win had the offense made a miracle happen (says the one-for-a-billion when trailing after seven innings records compiled by this edition of the Cardinals).

Yeah, so Siegrist and the Bunt. Yet another great band name. Or a completely awful one.

Tomorrow the Cardinals play the Dodgers again. Unfortunately for many of us, it’s not on national television again (although admittedly tonight’s ESPN broadcast was more Alex Rodriguez-Biogenesis than play-by-play), but I’d guess that the players will be able to bunt just as well without the bright lights of Bristol on them.

Oh, and maybe Jon Jay will not try to bunt a pitch above his head! Stay tuned!

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