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It has finally happened. Nope, I wish it was just falling out of Wild Card position or even Carpenter being shut down until 2020. For the first time in at least a decade, the Cardinals have become an afterthought. Yes the calendar still says August and plenty of winnable games remain if something drastic happens [...]

Cards Arm up for Summer

Following a trend that took over baseball, the 2019 MLB Draft is in the books with the majority of teams stocking up on pitchers. The second half finished up yesterday with St. Louis taking a few surprise picks but leaning towards power arms from major college programs. That strategy has served the Cardinals well over [...]

Breaking down Rounds 11-20

If a sign was needed of how stacked the Cardinals are with infielders, just remember the first half of the 2019 Draft. A few high school players were snagged after zero on day two but exactly no infielders were taken by St. Louis. It was more of the same for the Birds on the Bat, [...]

Stocking the Farm Part 3

For many years the best part about covering the MLB Draft has always been the stories. Say what you want about the internet and technology in general, but it is great when it works. The 2019 edition is no different when researching picks made by the Cardinals, and plenty of good narratives will come to [...]

Stocking the Farm Part 2

Continuing the same narrative, St. Louis added two more college players in rounds five and six. The Cardinals added to their pitching depth first, selecting LHP Connor Thomas with the 155th pick. He was not listed in MLB’s top 200 although the Georgia Tech hurler has a strong feel for his craft. Thomas has a [...]

Stocking the Farm Part 1

Let the fun day of the MLB Draft begin! With the Cardinals needing to fill multiple short season rosters, the third and fourth picks were both college pitchers primed to help sooner rather than later. Paired with the first round pick, it is shaping up to be an interesting summer under the Arch. St. Louis [...]

Money talks in the game of baseball, and that may have played a part in how the 2nd Round turned out for the Cardinals. With many big names previously connected to St. Louis at No. 19 still available, it turned out that a historic pro team will hopefully win out over a college powerhouse. Trejyn [...]

Cards Snag a Southpaw

As the MLB Network went to commercial just before the Cardinals made their pick, a picture of three pitchers flashed on the screen. It seemed odd at the time that one player happened to be missing from that list who also went 19th just a year ago after dropping in St. Louis’ lap. Was it [...]

No Time for Bah Humbug

Twas the night before Xmas and… Well you know how that tune goes so you can imagine how those MLB Draft followers such as myself feel less than 24 hours before the Cardinals add another name to the historic franchise. Giddy doesn’t begin to describe it and no Scrooge will stop the good vibes especially [...]

Feeling a Draft

Inside Busch Stadium later today, a pair of games will be contested by a pair of vastly different constructed teams. The 2019 versions of both Kansas City as well as St. Louis could very well converge when also trying to get a read on how to interpret the upcoming draft. The Royals pick 2nd and [...]

Waiting Out the Rain

Nothing like a weather delay to re-introduce myself to the good people following the Conclave! It has been entirely too long but good news is my favorite time of the year happens to be right around the corner. Not only will the short season clubs have a ton of talent to talk about, but this [...]

Family Business

Drafted for a second time by the Cardinals, Parker Kelly already knows plenty about the organization. All he has to do is ask his brother Carson. Day three of the MLB Draft just hit Round 20, and St. Louis has mainly focused on pitchers such as Kelly.

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