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As you know from reading the blog on a regular basis (because all five of you reading this are fairly loyal), when the Giants and Cardinals get together I like to talk with Craig from THE San Francisco Giants Blog.  Craig’s got a great community of passionate fans over there that have yet to stone me for being a Cardinal fan when I drop by and it’s fun to get the pulse of a team that we don’t see often but usually get really annoyed with when we see them in October.

Craig’s got a lot on his plate now, so his answers are a little briefer than normal, and I’ve been out of sorts the last couple of days, which is why these are showing up on Saturday instead of before the series.  For all that, enjoy!

C70: We’ve not seen y’all since May, but it doesn’t appear the season has been very kind to you. What’s the biggest thing that has gone wrong this year that wasn’t expected to go wrong?

Craig: We underestimated how little power we have. Home runs have taken over the game. The Giants brass counted on their “championship pedigree” and a new closer. Big mistake. I fell for it too. The difference is, I get how the game is being played now. Giants management does not….

C70: What kind of September callups are the Giants going to have? Players that have already been up? Prospects they want to try? Just some bench bats or middle of the bullpen arms?

Craig: They’ve called up everyone they have. They all suck. Jarrett Parker has a little potential. That’s it.

C70: How tough is it to keep up and care for a team that’s already been eliminated from the postseason?

Craig: I play a lot of fantasy baseball at draftkings. lol. I love baseball, I can get into the games whether we suck or win.

C70: Has there been a light in the darkness?

Craig: Total darkness. We have a terrible, old team. And no farm system. And a management group that doesn’t understand what it takes to win baseball in today’s new juiced ball era…

C70: What are your expectations of this series?

Craig: You’re going to kill us.

I don’t know about the latter, though I am glad the Cards have wound up taking the first two even if they had to rally last night.  I’ll try to catch up on all the moves and all the games sometime this weekend, but hopefully this little conversation can help tide you over!

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