Warming Up On a Cold Day

We’ve actually been pretty fortunate here in Arkansas this winter, depending on how you look at it.  Before Thanksgiving, we had a bit of snow, probably less than an inch.  Until last night, that was really all the winter precipitation we’d had.  Now there’s some sleet outside, enough to keep me from trying the roads to get to work until much later.

However, even though my hands are freezing as I type from our computer room (which was a converted garage by the last folks and as such has no heat and air), my heart is warmed because baseball players are in Jupiter.  It’s really happening, folks.  We are seeing baseball again!

How much better does it get than Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha on the mound throwing to Yadier Molina?  If that doesn’t say Cardinal baseball, I don’t know what does.  We have Jason Heyward hitting off tees wearing red.  Just seeing the bright sunshine and the bright green fields makes my heart ten times lighter.

That also means that we get some news, such as the fact Wacha is seemingly better than expected as it relates to his return from shoulder issues.  It’s great to hear that things are going so well for the young pitcher.  However, as Tara mentioned last night on Gateway To Baseball Heaven, let’s wait and see how he feels as the repetitions increase, the stress becomes greater and he gets into game shape.  There’s no reason to believe that the stress reaction will come back so quickly, but given how often Chris Carpenter came to spring feeling great and then didn’t break camp with the squad, it’s not surprising that we should feel a little cautious.  A healthy Wacha is a huge asset to this club and it’s very good to hear that he’s at least coming into camp very strong instead of having to build up to that throughout the spring.

Having Heyward down already seems to be a good sign.  It’s possible he’s always an early bird, but if so that means he’ll probably fit in well with the rest of the Cardinals, at least where work ethic and dedication to the game come into play.  Much better for him to be there greeting folks than the current Redbirds reporting and wondering where the new guy is at.  It’s one piece of the puzzle, of course, but it does seem like Heyward’s going to be a good addition to the clubhouse.

And now I have to go find some heat.  So glad that spring is coming, at least from a baseball perspective!

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