Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As you can tell, my stuff has apparently lived to see another blog. You guys hopefully know me and follow me (@JimTheVoice), so we’ll get to what you came here to read. Per multiple reports (and this blog) baseball and St. Louis’ No. 1 prospect, Oscar Taveras, is out for the year. He’s going under [...]

Taveras Done in 2013

Per multiple reports, one potential option to give the sluggish offense a boost has been shut down for surgery. Oscar Taveras has missed nearly all summer due to a high ankle sprain that will now push the #1 prospect to an unknown status going into 2014. The Cardinals will now look to improve the bench [...]

I was out last week, so I’ll give you a little more than usual this week.  Enjoy!  (c: I don’t consider myself one of those “off-the-deep-end knuckleheads”, and I’m stopping short of calling for his resignation, but Mike Matheny isn’t impressing me.   Commands the respect of his players?  I believe he does, yes. Good [...]

The Game That Nobody Wanted

When this marathon was finally over (apparently all it took was for me to finally go to bed after the 13th), both teams had to look back and say, “Seriously?  We won/lost that game?”  It was one of the ugliest games we’ve seen in a while, full of missed opportunities on both sides.  Both teams [...]

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